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Bebita knows Tech

On a recent lazy Sunday afternoon my owners took a road trip to visit some of their favorite technology places

Pixar Animation studios is loved by both of  of them. When we pulled up, there was a guard shack and gates. Unfortunately we were promptly turned around because it is a working studio. I think the nice guard’s name was Armando. He was really nice and gave us a prize for visiting. It was a poster. I am not sure what my male owner did with it though.

Once upon a time, there was a computer company called Sun Microsystems. They sold computers, software, and computer parts. You probably know them best for creating the Java programming language.

Do you know who took over the Sun Microsystems property in 2011? I know you know who it is.

That’s right, the property is now the proud home of Facebook! Do you follow me on Facebook? Click Here

Lucky for us we met a really nice employee named WEI in the parking lot. Wei gave us tips on where to take photos. I think the address is pretty funny.

During our adventures, We stumbled up Microsoft.

Because my female owner gets lost all the time, it was a good thing we ran into the Google Maps car.  Google knows how to get you everywhere.

I decided I better check this place out a little bit. Google was a pretty neat place. They are even dog friendly!

Having watched movies like The Internship, the lady of our pack decided to go for a bike ride on a colorful google bicycle. They have baskets on the front. My owner thought it was for transporting dogs, but I think it was intended to transport technology based objects.

They have Androids, fun outdoor relaxation seating areas, sand volleyball pits, and a zen garden.

Over at the Google Store, they have an Android Photo Prop Zone. I didn’t find the doughnut as tasty as my first Burger King cheeseburger.

Google is so dog friendly, that Jacob and Ben took a few minutes to say hello.

The male pack leader is loves all things MAC, so we headed over to Apple! Apple was also dog friendly.

They invited me into the Apple store to take a look. Good thing they did because my pack leader needed a couple of Apple T-Shirts and a phone cover.

I almost got dognapped by aliens at the NEMA luxury Apartment building. There are several scenes on reflective glass that you can take your photo in. Unfortunately, I was caught in the UFO transporter. Good thing my female owner was holding my leash firmly.


I started getting pretty tired of all the walking I was doing. Good thing we found an UBER. (I don’t think UBER cars are dog friendly) We stopped to say hello, but there was only a security guard working.

Tweet Tweet, do you follow me on Twitter? You can find me here! Twitter is located within a mall. All the doors we saw stated no dogs allowed. I really wanted to know where all my tweets go.

My female pack leader told me a story about Alexis from Reddit. Once upon a time she asked him to read her a bedtime story. He actually read part of the Lion King just for her in an episode of UpVoted! I would have loved to meet him, but THEY MOVED and didn’t give me their forwarding address in time.

My female owner is an on and off e-bay shopper. She has an account dating back to 1999. Maybe she can find some costumes for me on there.

I was told stories of a web browser called Netscape Navigator. It was made by Mozilla which was a free software company. They eventually launched another browser called Firefox.  My people say seeing Mozilla made them feel nostalgic. My male owner is not too sure what he thinks about Firefox.

Dolby was busy because it was the night of the Oscars or something. We just passed by and got a quick photo. I am told that when I hear things besides humans talking, I might be hearing the work of Dolby Laboratories.