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Bebita Visited Mark Twain’s Cabin

Mark Twain‘s Cabin

Sometimes my people confuse me. They told me we were going on an adventure. It will be fun they said. Then they took me to Jackass Hill. I really didn’t know what to think at this point.

Apparently, an incredible writer named Mark Twain wrote his first big story at a cabin on the hill

As we drove closer to the Mark Twain Cabin, the female kept telling the male in our pack to stop the car. We would stop and take photos at various historical monuments. Unfortunately for me, they keep putting me on top of things. I am not sure what I am doing up here. They then call my name and I get scared I might be doing something wrong. Being a chihuahua I shake.

Jackass Hill Road was named during the gold rush. The trains hauling the mules would stop on top of the hill overnight. The mules were quite loud. As many as 200 mules would create a commotion that could be heard for miles in all directions. As a result, the hill was referred to as Jackass Hill.

My people told me about some incredible stories. Apparently Mark Twain wrote his first published piece at this very spot. “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” They said he wrote it based on stories he heard at a tavern.


The chimney and fireplace are still original.

The remainder of the cabin was recreated and now has a fence to protect the cabin from visitors.

Legend has it that there is a geocache within 150 feet of the cabin.

Jackass Hill road has some pretty nice views. My people imagine that Mark Twain had picnics at this very spot.

The locals have embraced the story, and now have a Frog Jumping Jubilee every year. The next one is May 18-21, 2017.


All around town you see reminders of Mark Twain and the frog story which put their town on the map.

Along the Mark Twain Bret Harte Trail you can visit the Stanislaus River near the New Melones Dam.

The male in our pack wanted to stop and see how the water levels were doing. He said it is looking a lot better.

Overall, I would say it was a fun and educational day. I got to spend the entire day with my pack and there were a lot of new smells.