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Where did I come from?

Where did I come from?

Growing up, most doggies ask, where did I come from? Unfortunately,  when I first found my people, all they could say was, I was from the wrong side of the tracks. Remember, my people’s sister saw someone dumping me at the train tracks in the country.

My people thought I was a Chihuahua. The internet agreed and named me Bebita. Bebita is Baby Girl in Spanish.

who am i

The female in our pack loves data data data input input input. So, “guessing” I was a chihuahua just wasn’t good enough. Besides, what is up with my coat?

Since my rescue on January 9, 2017 I have been poked, prodded, and even had my cheeks scraped. No matter what my people say it wasn’t a swab.

On January 21st, I got my first set of shots, dewormed and a microchip. At that time, the vet told my people I was between 1 and 2 years old based on my teeth and the amount of tartar on them. (Assuming I never had a cleaning) I weighed exactly 8 pounds. Because I am under 15 pounds they wouldn’t let me get my rabies shot at the same time.

loving bebita

On February 17th, I woke up to my people prying my mouth open and sticking some sticks into the sides of my cheeks. They twisted, they moved them all around my cheeks. Did I mention I was still in bed sleeping? I hadn’t even gone outside to go potty yet.

who am i

The male in our pack then took me outside and the female waited about half an hour before boxing the scrappy stick things up and driving them to the post office.

On February 18th, I got my booster shots. The male in our pack had been worried if I eat enough. I showed him by gaining weight! I weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz.  Again, because I was still under 15 pounds, so I have to go back again and get stuck again for my rabies shot.

February 23rd, my Wisdom Panel DNA sample was received at the Lab.

March 11th, my results were in. My people got all excited. They would finally know WHO or WHAT I AM!

I want you to  remember that my people woke me up from a dead sleep in a closed bedroom early in the morning. Theoretically this should give a good clean sample. The directions stated not to allow me food or water or toys that are shared with other pets for at least 2 hours.

There is 12.5 % of me that showed up as possibly our co-packs pack. (We co-habitate with a second pack) In the canine members of that pack is a Bichon Frise

 who am iwho am iwho am i

and second dog (the hospice dog) that looks like a german sheppard / cattle dog mix of some sort.

who am i

Now for the REAL info you have all been waiting for:

I am 75% Chihuahua!

who am i

If we ignore the part that might have picked up the other canines on the property,  the remaining 12.5% or as the female wants to say 25% is Yorkshire Terrier.

who am i

I guess it is no surprise that I love Chicken Quesadilla’s from Taco Bell!

The Wisdom Panel 4.0 report has a ton of information in it, just like my pack leader wanted.  A lot of the data my owners don’t want to disclose because the results give my actual DNA Unique Genetic Signature,  Principle Component  Analysis, homozygosity profile, etc.

Don’t worry, we are going to share some of the surprises we read:

Anticipated adult weight 2-10 lbs. I AM perfect. I may look skinny but I’m at the upper end of the normal anticipated weight.

who am i

The results indicated I was cream or yellow and that the tips of my hair were likely darker brown. They even knew I would have a small to moderate amount of white in my coat. How did they know I had kind of like a saddle tan  pattern  of pigment on my back? My legs and underbelly are pretty white. The results also said I probably have short hair. My people are baffled by my hair. As expected, my ears are generally straight up.

who am i

My people decided to do the Wisdom Panel 4.0 over the optimal selection or insights test. The biggest difference is Optimal Selection would tell you 120 disease mutations. They think I am spayed. The vet said we would have to do some test to make sure. Regardless they don’t plan on breeding me. The potential disease mutations  would really only tell us what COULD go wrong. My  mom is a worry wort  and as such that data would have me under constant observation and possibly unnecessary interventions.

Has your pack leader done a Doggie DNA test on you?

oh… I am told that tomorrow the 18th is when I finally get my rabies shot and tag!!!

From there my people need to have the vet do a test, indicate I am spayed, and then I can get my county license.

I will be officially chipped, dna tested, and licensed!!!

Time for this traveling dog to hit the trails!

       who am i