La De Paws to the rescue


I bet you were wondering,  “what happened to that traveling dog Bebita? Well the last 18 months have been and adventure.   I didn’t get lost and my microchip didn’t bring me back home to my people .

In fact, my people have been right by my side every step of the way. Our adventures landed us in the town of Mesquite, NV. We now live about an hour north of Las Vegas!!!

And this is where our adventures will resume ….


Since we met, I have gone from 8 pounds to 12 pounds  I thought I’d be a long haired hippie for awhile .

Well my people have decided enough is enough. They started asking around on a Facebook group called what’s happening Mesquite as to where to take me to get cleaned up.

Overwhelmingly the answer was La De’ Paws. 

La De’ Paws is a really cute one stop boutique. They do grooming obviously.

They also sell gifts for dog lovers.

Most importantly they  sell gifts for dogs! Clothes, shoes, collars, and bling oh my !


so let’s take a quick look at how I turned out today.


Taliah gave me the most excellent expirence ever. I came out sparkling like a princess. I am a very happy girl!


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